July 9, 2002




            The Bullitt County Public Library Board of Trustees met Tuesday, July 9, 2002, at the Ridgway Memorial Library.  Those present were Judy T. Jackson, Delorse Ashby, Joyce Manning, Brenda Roberts, Pam Polston, and Donald Cobb.  Beverly Reeks was also present.  Donald Cobb called the meeting to order at 5:33 p.m.

            The minutes of the last meeting were read.  Joyce Manning made the motion to accept the minutes as written.  Brenda Roberts seconded the motion.  The motion carried.

            The Treasurer's Report was not ready.  Judy Jackson reported that this was the end of the fiscal year.  She did have a preliminarily report for the Board showing the spending for June, 2002.  Most line items were spent 100%. The check register for June was handed out.  No vote was taken.

            Regional Director's Report:

            Nelda Moore was not present at this meeting.

            Director's Report:

            Judy Jackson advised the Board that we had received the LSTA Technology Innovative Grant in the amount of $7,500.  Delorse Ashby made the motion to give Randy Matlow a $10,000 limit to proceed with the wireless system.  This limit is to include the $7,500 Technology Grant.  Pam Polston seconded the motion.  The motion carried.  Judy advised that she would be going to KDLA on Friday for a meeting concerning this grant.

            The Mt. Washington construction is moving along nicely.  The gazebo is in place, the kitchen cabinets, office cabinets, and plumping has been installed.  The sliding window as been installed.  We are hoping to move in at the end of July or the first of August.  We need to start thinking about a grand opening date.  Judy and Randy feel that the actual "Grand Opening" should be a little later than the actual move in.  The board discussed this issue and agreed.  They are looking at possibly the second Sunday in September.  They will discuss this and decide at the next meeting.

            Randy would like to see the Board do a bidding process in selling the old library building.  He feels the Board should set a minimum allowable bid, and have bidders start with that amount.  The minimum selling price would be the appraisal we received on the building.  Donald Cobb asked the Board if we would have to sell to the highest bidder.  The Board discussed this and decided that being a public indenity, we would have to take the highest bidder.  Mr. Cobb will contact Mt. Washington City Hall to see if they are still interested in the building.  Since we are not in a hurry to sale the building, the board will discuss this further at the next meeting.

            It is time for Randy's evaluation this year.  Judy Jackson gave each of the Board members an evaluation form, and a stamped envelope.  The Board agreed to send Donald Cobb all the evaluations for compellation.  The Board will try to have this ready at the next meeting.

            Randy and Belinda Bunnell, our outreach librarian, have decided to try for the LSTA Programming Grant.  The maximum award is $10,000, and the minimum award is $2,000.  They would like to have another poetry contest and possibly a short story contest.  They would also like to have writing workshops.  They would like to print a book of the winning writings.  This grant must be submitted by 7-31-02.  Delorse Ashby asked if this would be advertisted in the schools.    Judy advised we try to get the word out by all possible sources.  Brenda Roberts made the motion to apply for the LSTA Programming Grant.  Delorse Ashby seconded the motion.

            We have received a letter of intent from our auditors, DePrie and Atkinson.  Their quote for this next year's audit is $1,700.  Delorse Ashby made the motion to accept DePrie and Atkinson's quote for this year's audit.  Brenda Roberts seconded the motion.  The motion carried.

            The carpet for Ridgway and Dorothea Stottman is scheduled for the week of August 19th.  Both the libraries will be closed for the week.  Some staff will be needed to move shelving and furniture.  Some staff could go to an open branch and work, but we must monitor this to make sure that the branches do not get too many staff at one time.  The Board felt that Randy should decide who is needed where.  Judy advised that it is possible that some staff will have to come in Sunday afternoon to start getting ready for the move. 

            Greg Barnes and Denise Murphy of KMC signs arrived at 6:10 p.m.  The last drawing of the proposed sign was passed out.  Mr. Barnes advised the Board on the difference of lasting quantity between limestone and granite.  Granite would last forever, where limestone is pourous and would deterierate.  They suggested that we go with the polished granite on the tope of the sign, and on the top of the brick pillars.  The lettering will be etched into the granite, and painted.  The body of the sign with the lettering would be an unpolished granite.  This would closely match the stone we are using in the building.  The sign would also have a round top, that would reflect the arch we had put over the windows.  Mr. Barnes felt like it would take 6 to 7 weeks to do.  The price of $3875 includes material, labor, cleanup, installation, freight, and a small of bottle of paint for the lettering.  Mr. Barnes advised that if we could let them know by the end of July, we would possibly have it by September.  Mr. Barnes and Ms. Murphy then left the meeting.

            The Summer Reading Program is now over.  We had 35-40 people camping overnight.  They had irish music, and a hike.  The last program was held at Bernheim.  We had the Rainbow Puppets do a show.

            We are looking at the first week of September to start opening Lebanon Junction on Fridays.  We have been working with Cindy Hartley on the scheduling needed to do this.

            Our Custodial/Maintenance person, Bill Saltsman hurt himself unloading the transport tubs last week.  All the bran heads are helping out, but we may need to get a temporary replacement for him, if he needs to be off for a longer period of time.

            Joyce Manning asked if anyone else is going to the any of the Trustee Workshops.  No one was able to .

            The Board discussed the meeting with the sign people.  The Board really liked this last design, and they feel the price is good.  Delorse Ashby made the motion to accept this sign design presented from KMC tonight.  The construction will be unpolished granite in the center with polished granite on top of sign and caps.  The pillars will be of brick.  Brenda Roberts seconded the motion.  The motion carried.

            Judy will e-mail Randy the design to get his opinion of it.

            Delorse Ashby made the motion to adjourn the meeting.  Joyce Manning seconded the motion.  The meeting was adjourned at 7:08 p.m. 

            The next meeting will be August 13th, at 5:30 p.m. at Ridgway Memorial Library.


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