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Gone Girl (book cover image) GONE GIRL by Gillian Flynn
When the beautiful and clever Amy Dunne disappears under suspicious circumstances, her husband Nick is caught out in lie after lie. Juxtaposed with Nick’s story and the investigation are excerpts from Amy’s diary, which further contradict Nick’s story and present a disturbing tale of a marriage gone wrong. This is a twisty tale with one bombshell revelation after the other.
Behind the Beautiful Forevers BEHIND THE BEAUTIFUL FOREVERS
by Katherine Boo

In this intimate and poignant book, a Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist creates a extraordinary portrait of India's urban poor. While the story centers on the accusations of a woman who set herself on fire and the repercussions for the family accused of harming her, several key residents of the small undercity are examined.
Running the Rift (book cover rimage) RUNNING THE RIFT by Naomi Benaron
This stunning coming of age novel tells the story of Jean Patrick Nkuba, a young Rwandan who dreams of running in the Olympics. Benaron does not shy away from the escalating violence that eventually leads to the Rwandan genocide, but the story is not sensationalistic in any way. Gripping and frequently distressing, Running the Rift is nevertheless a story of hope, love, and perseverance

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