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Search Engines

How to Search the Web (Finding Dulcinea)

Internet Public Library's Web Searching Guides

Search Engines Directories

Wikipedia's Search Engine List by category

Spire Project List of Search Engines

List of Search Engines (Refdesk)

Search Engine Showdown - Compares and evaluates several Internet search engines.

General Search Engines

Goofram - Simultaneously searches Google and WolframAlpha, a computational search engine.


Specialized Search Engines

Board Reader - Designed to search info on Web forums and message boards.

The Complete Planet - Directory of searchable databases and specialty search engines; useful in finding highly topical information.

Google Groups

Government Search

Military Search Engine

Movie Review Query Engine

Online Book Search

WolframAlpha - Enter a question or calculation to find computable data. (e.g., mathematical formulas and calculations; statistical data on a city, town, country, etc.; nutritional values of meals/foods)

Search Engines for Kids


Last Updated 6/19/14