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 The Bullitt County Public Library Board of Trustees extends to the Community and County use of the library meeting room facilities as an outreach service, to be used, free of charge, by civic, educational, cultural, and professional organizations of Bullitt County. 1. Library sponsored activities are given priority in scheduling use of the meeting rooms. Other activities will be scheduled on the basis of the order of requests. 2. The meeting room can only be pre-booked for a 3-month period and will have to be reviewed for future bookings after that time. 3. Scheduling priority will be granted to public gatherings of a civic, cultural, educational, or professional nature. 4. There will be a $25. key deposit due when key is picked up. If the meeting room is left in acceptable order, the $25. key deposit will be returned at the time the key is returned. 5. Children or youth groups using the meeting room must be supervised by adult sponsors (at least one adult per 10 children under 14 yrs.). The sponsors will be present at the designated time of the children's arrival and remain until all children have departed; and will accept responsibility for the children until the premises are departed. Youth groups (ages 14-17) must be accompanied by at least one adult. 6. The library accepts no liability or responsibility for any damages to person or property arising from the use of the meeting room. 7. Organizations holding meetings assume responsibility for any damage to the library or its contents, inflicted by either a participant or any adults or minors who accompany the participant. 8. Neither the name nor the address of the library may be used as the official address or headquarters of an organization. 9. No alcoholic beverages or illegal substances may be brought into the library. Proper care must be taken with regards to preparation, serving, and disposal of any food items which are brought into the meeting room. Any damages or excessive clean up costs will be deducted from the key deposit. 10. Reservations for meeting room use shall be made at the library circulation desk. For night meeting use, the key must be picked up at the library before closing time of the day of the meeting, and returned to the circulation desk for $25. deposit to be returned. The person picking up the key will also be held responsible for any damages that occur. 11. In order to keep the building as clean as possible, it is requested that the person responsible for the group check the following items when their meeting is over: 1. All trash removed from the building. 2. All water taps turned off, including restrooms. 3. All lights turned off, including restrooms. 4. Return folding chairs to storage location. 5. Entire group has left the premises, no stragglers. 6. All doors are properly locked. 12. The libraries are security alarmed, therefore do not try to enter the library proper. An alarm will sound. 13. No smoking is allowed inside the building. The librarians have the final decision on any scheduling, and may deny use to any group which does not meet the above criteria or has misused the meeting room on prior occasions.