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Afternoon Storyhour Interest Form

Our morning Storyhour session is now closed at our Mt. Washington location, but we would like to offer a 1:00–2:00 afternoon session if there is enough interest. Although an afternoon session at Mt. Washigton is our primary interest right now, we would also like to know if there are other time slots you would like us to offer.

The feedback you provide will help us to make the most informed decision possible to best serve our young patrons and their parents.

Yes, I would prefer an afternoon session.
Yes, if the morning session is full.
No, we cannot attend on Friday from 1:00–2:00 PM.
No, I prefer a different location but would be interested if an afternoon session were offered at my preferred location.
Ridgway Memorial Library in Shepherdsville
Hillview Branch Library
Lebanon Junction Branch Library
Mt. Washington Branch Library
I prefer the current morning sessions on weekdays.
Afternoon sessions (1:00–2:00 PM)
Afternoon sessions (2:00–3:00 PM)
Evening sessions (6:00–7:00 PM)
I would like to see occasional weekend sessions.
The current session times are fine, but I would prefer to attend a Spanish-language Storyhour.
Other (please specify in the comments field below)

* Required

Questions? Call Ms. Angel or Ms. Jillian at 543-7675 ext. 5 or e-mail outreach@bcplib.org.