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BCPL Annual Writing Contest

Congratulations to Our 2013 Contest Winners!

Adult Division

Poetry Winner: "I May Be Young" by Rosalind Voelker
2nd Place: "Mr. Snoot-Give a Hoot" by Brenda Griffin
3rd Place: "Bald Is Beautiful" by Pamela Jeffries

Short Story Winner: "21st and Magnum" by Heather Kelly
2nd Place: "The Red Rose" by Sharon A. Clark
3rd Place: "Young Lucy Clark" by Amy Bailey

High School Division

Poetry Winner: "You're the One" by Ashley Asay
2nd Place: "An Angel From Above" by Breanna Sherrard
3rd Place: "Twelve" by Michelle Tidwell

Short Story Winner: "Always in This Twilight" by Leah Byers
2nd Place: "You Don't Belong Here" by Ashley King
3rd Place: "The Betrayal" by Mikayla Kesler

Middle School Division

Poetry Winner: "Life" by Sebastian Bain Brown

Short Story Winner: "Jay T and the Money Bag" by Mercedes Thomas
2nd Place: "The Kidnapping" by Elizabeth Long
3rd Place: "The war Story" by Sasha Hurt

Elementary School Division

Short Story Winner: "The Gift of a Writer" by Beth Woods
2nd Place: "My First Time Camping" by Victoria Roerk


Past Winners

2012 Writing Contest

Adult Division

Creative Nonfiction Winner: "Attic Ornaments" by Sharon Hoover
Honorable Mention: "Goodbye Chloe" by Cathy Davis

Poetry Winner:
"Chloe (Alphabet Acrostic)" by Cathy Davis

Short Story Winner: "The Case of the Missing Locket" by Sharon Haven
Honorable Mention: "The Red Handkerchief" by Bob Stinson

High School Division

Creative Nonfiction Winner: "Hope for My Best Friends" by Heather Michels

Middle School Division

Poetry Winner: " My Pain, Your Power" by Kaycee Anderson

Short Story Winner:
"Lofty Dreams" by Kelsey Crosby

Elementary School Division

Creative Nonfiction Winner: "Queen Kitty Isabel and Her Great Adventure" by Correna Myers

2011 Writing Contest

Creative Nonfiction- Adult Division

Winner: "The Funeral" by James A. Southern
2nd Place: "Recovering My Life" by Christina Stidom
3rd Place: "Rich Little Poor Kids" by Jean Kinsey

Poetry- Adult Division

Winner: "Momma's Arms" by James A. Southern
2nd Place: "Forecast" by Angela M. Walden
3rd Place: "Suicide's Soliloquy" by Tara Coryell

Poetry- Children's Division

Winner: "The Sweetness of the Lord" by Brianna Gates
2nd Place: "The Rain" by Rebecca Price
3rd Place: "Home" by Denise Osborne

Short Story- Adult Division

Winner: "Aunt Laura's Well-Known Secret" by Sandy Meyer Treloar
2nd Place: "Heaven on Earth" by Sharon A. Clark
3rd Place: "Jack Jumped Over the Candlestick" by Jean Kinsey

Short Story- Children's Division

Winner: "The Legend of Xenon" by Krista Jessie
2nd Place: "Prissy's Adventure" by Savannah Price
3rd Place: "Field Goal" by Alex Price

2010 Short Story Contest

Adult Division

Bob Stinson

First Place:

Bob Stinson
"Gate C 26"

Lynn Hagan

Second Place:

Lynn Hagan
"Friendly Fire"
Jean Kinsey

Third Place:

Jean Kinsey
"Plum Crick Holler"

Honorable Mention:

Steven Crane
"Native Fauna"

Teen Division

Addy Capito

First Place:

Addy Capito
"Her Last Minute"

Haley Burton

Second Place:

Haley Burton
"With the Touch of a Hand"
Kierstan Thorp

Third Place:

Kierstan Thorp
"Hiroki's Tale"

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